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We all have a variety of roles that we play on our stage of life.

In those roles we are given many opportunities to make choices.  In each role we may need to step back and retreat in order to rethink, redefine, re-purpose and restart our choices.  To the extent that we make great choices we will thrive in our roles.

At The Stage of Life we offer a variety of health programs and life coaching practices that are designed to help you make great choices.  We offer one-on-one and couples programs that will help you in your:

    *  Physical Health - with nutrition,            massage, and training

    *  Mental Health - with detox,

        cleanse, and drug addiction                 rehabilitation

    *  Spiritual Health - with trained              guidance and life coaching

    *  Professional Health - with stress         relief and focusing retreat

    *  Relationship Health - with                   couples workshops

    *  Every day thriving 

Our retreat and spa is located near Harbin Hot Springs, a jewel tucked in the corner where the North Bay Area meets Northern California, easily accessible from Sonoma and Napa counties.

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